Override Linked MEP System Colours

July 16, 2013

In 2012 Autodesk introduced the ability to colour MEP systems by overriding the graphics by type.  MEP users were estatic by this change since it means they didn’t have to spend alot of time setting up filters for every view.  The Architecture side were less than estatic because you couldn’t override the graphics through the link.

We had this discussion early on in a project and we all agreed that there wasn’t anything we could do, but there is too much benefit for the mechanical team to do it the old way.  About a year later, the Architecture team brought it up again and insisted there has to be a way to override the MEP systems so they don’t show in colour.  I brought it up with our MEP consultants, once again, to see if they heard anything or knew anything different.  Again, we all thought the same – it’s in colour, deal with it.  Then I suggested it to them, “let’s play with a file and see what we could come up with”.  After about 10 minutes the idea of using filters came up.  In theory it doesn’t make much sense since you shouldn’t have MEP systems in an Architectural model, but using filters works.  I’ve confirmed this in 2012 through to 2014.

Ventilation_Filter Override

I wrote about how Revit categories work very similar to how same named worksets work here.  Perhaps this is why we’re given the control to modify the MEP systems in linked files?


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