Sub Categories and Project Parameters Through Linked Files

May 21, 2013

Some time ago Steve Stafford wrote about Workset Visibility in Linked Files.  This involves creating a workset in your project, with the exact same name that’s in the linked project and you will have visibility control over it.

I am sure someone discovered, well before me,  that you can do a similar thing with sub categories.  Link in a project, add the exact same sub category that is in the linked file and you’ll have control over it in your project.

Today, I found out you can do something similar with project parameters.  We asked our consultants to add a project parameter called “Sheet Issuance” to their sheets.  We add the same named project parameter to ours.  With the consultants projects linked in, we create a sheet list with the “Include elements in linked files” checked off.  We can then add our newly created parameter as a field that can be scheduled.  This gives us the ability to filter down to a specific consultant issuance and show it on our cover sheets.  For greater flexibility each discipline has it’s own sheet list schedule so they can note their “Sheet Issuance” however they want.  They just have to let us know so we can filter it properly.

Makes me wonder what else we can do with linked files that have similar names.

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