Autodesk University 2012 – Day 3

December 19, 2012

Last and final day started off checking out and storing bags as I had an early flight out and I’d miss the last session of the day.  This also involved some GaG breakfast.  I also found the wifi, which was atrocious throughout the whole conference was actually quite decent up on the 3rd floor where I camped out until my first session got under way.

First session started with Reinventing an Interior Design Practice.  Kelvin started off by showing off 16 classic chairs he built in Revit.  All I can say is wow, they looked very well done.  His method of cataloging materials and furniture was well done, except it was SCREAMING for an external database to do all that work.  Once setup he could cut out a lot of time which could be spent back in design and not managing pictures an information.  The other part of the presentation was tracking washroom fixtures.  It has to be the most convoluted way to track accessories that had me lost at the beginning until he started tieing it all together at the end.  It might be worth going over it a second time just to catch what I missed.

Next session was Managing the Construction Administration Phase in Autodesk Revit.  I first met Jennifer back at the inaugural Revit Technology Conference at the speaker gathering.  She told me now that we met, I’m not allowed to go to her presentation.  You did mean just RTC right Jennifer?  This session got the most tweckles from me.  Not directed at Jennifer, she did a great job, but at the other Attendees.  This session help validate that what we are doing is the right thing.  I’ll save that for another post and Jay Zallan, I can’t disagree more with duplicating views for CA.  Not going to happen.

I got a chance to attend the Structural Futures presentation.  I know what your thinking, I’m not Structural but I drew the short stick and went on behalf of others.  For the sake of NDA that’s all I’m going to say.  Quite interesting where they are going with things.

My last session was BIM implementation in Australia.  I was hoping more from this session and left scratching my head.  I honestly thought they were further along than where they actually are.  Big picture, in the next few years UK will be leading the charge with BIM and implementation with the rest of the world following in the wake.  That wasn’t from the presentation, just my opinion.

I missed out on Coordinate and Dominate BIM Project Success for the sake of catching a 7pm flight.  I wasn’t in the mood for landing well past midnight only to get up for work with a few hours sleep.

AU is over and I felt like something was missing.  I can’t figure out what it is.  I had the usual hit and miss sessions, some decent eats and always good to see the usual suspects.

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Kelvin Tam December 20, 2012 at 1:04 am

Thank you for attending my class “Reinventing an Interior Design Practice”. Actually I have 40 classic chairs shown in the presentation. You can check them out on my blog I will show how they were constructed later on my blog. Every piece has a story behind it. If you have any question about my class, please email me. Again thanks for mentioning my class on your blog.


Chris December 20, 2012 at 10:06 am

40? Maybe I missed it in your class… I swear you only said 16, my apologize. I’ve got your site in my subscription, I look forward to seeing how you constructed them.


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