Autodesk University 2012 – Day 2

December 18, 2012

Big Boss man gave the nod to skip the first session in favour of sitting down somewhere to have breakfast instead of the Grab and Go Breakfast, aka GaG abbreviated by many of the attendees.  The past AU’s I have attended they never cut back on the breakfast quite like they did this year.  They had assorted pastries, muffins and coffee.  Sorry but I like a nice glass of OJ and some fruit to kick things off on the right foot.  We ended up at one of the restaurants to have some OJ and a breakfast burrito.

I missed the Dissection of the USACE BIM Contract Requirements in favour of breakfast, so my first session on Wednesday was Using Autodesk Revit Schedule and View API’s.  I was hoping to find out if there was an API trick that could do what I want to do with revision schedules and titleblocks.  Didn’t get the answer I was looking for but got a better appreciation for the API even though I felt like I was in an advanced Greek class.  Seriously need to take some classes on programming, there is a lot of opportunity to making our own API add-ins.

Second session was Times-a-Changing – How Project Architects Can Transition from Yesterday to Today.  This was a round table discussion and the presenter / facilitator did a really good job keeping things on track and moving along.  It certainly helped that there were a few people having no problems in sharing what they experienced.  Bottom line we’re all in the same boat, having similar problems with no real solution yet.

Second last session was Autodesk Navisworks Isn’t Just for Contractors: How an Architecture Firm is Using Navisworks to Improve its Process.  This was presented by two staff from ACAI Associates – name ring a bell.  Same company Gregory Arkin works at.  Alix did a wonderful job at presenting.  He was very lively, entertaining and Cindy chimed up a few times from the peanut gallery.  I was hoping for more from the presentation.  They used Navisworks for clash detection and some 4d scheduling for phasing – that’s it.  Partly I blame myself reading more into the course description and expecting some innovative ways designers can use Navisworks – didn’t happen.

Last session was Applying 4DX Methodology to BIM Project Management.  Wow.  I have never been so confused about Project Management in my life.  This made absolutely no sense and I couldn’t relate most of it back to PMBOK – The Project Management Book of Knowledge.  I was pretty excited for this class and it was a huge miss for me.

We ended up at a sushi restaurant having a 4 course sushi meal and a tasting of different sake’s at each course.  Almost two hours long, 4 generous samplings of sake, I powered through desert with the Boss man tapping out.  Highlight of our conversation, we both agreed to never abbreviate analytics.  Just don’t do it.

Next stop was the Cansel Canadian Mixer at the Eye Candy Lounge.  Try and explain that expense to the wife.  Good to catch up with some of the locals as well as meeting some people out East that you normally wouldn’t cross paths with.

Final stop was back to see Uncle Morty.  He did his dog and pony show with VEO and I picked up a nice hook for designers.  Material Options.  Something I’ll have to explore if I have some spare time.

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Scott Chatterton December 18, 2012 at 10:08 am

Your comment “Bottom line we’re all in the same boat, having similar problems with no real solution yet.” kind of summed up AU for me!


Chris December 20, 2012 at 10:09 am

There is some serious workflow issues that I haven’t even experienced yet, but others have. It was an eye opener.


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