The Future of Revitdialog

November 24, 2014

Early October I had my renewal for this site come up. I’ve been on the fence if I even want to bother to continue blogging and I have been putting it off. Luckily I get 60 days before it will get suspended – that puts it at December 4 to pull the trigger.

The last several months the desire to even blog has waned. It’s tough to keep things fresh and interesting. I’ll leave it up to the readers if this blog should continue – leave a comment below.

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Hotfix for Revit 2014 and 2015

September 2, 2014

Revit Clinic posted a link to the latest hotfixes for 2014 and 2015.  I’ve been waiting for the 2014 hotfix for quite sometime ever since I discovered Family Browser crashed Revit when you closed a project of family.  Well it wasn’t Family Browser’s fault, but that’s how I knew something was making Revit crash.

You’ll know it’s been installed properly when you scroll to the bottom of the About Revit. It’s called HF419107.


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A little over a year ago I wrote about controlling visibility and the graphics of sub categories and project parameters  through a link file.  A similar phenomena exists with worksets as well.

Create a workset with the exact same name that is in a linked file.

Create a filter that has the rules set to filter by workset.  Make sure to check off the appropriate categories.  If you want complete control, check them all off.

Add the filter to your view and you now you have graphic control as well as visibility control over that linked workset.

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Revit 2014 Hotfix

June 10, 2014

If you’re running Revit Server you’ll definitely want to install the hotfix that fixes a performance issue when syncing.  We had reports of nearly 40 minutes for a sync when in reality it should have only taken sub 60 seconds.  If you’re collaborating with others, don’t forget to remind them about this hotfix as well.

Today I finally updated my pre-release hotfix to the public hotfix and noticed a few things that were a bit – different.  I’ll be the first to admit, I just install and go and don’t pay attention to what actually gets changed so this might not be new to the Revit elders.

First, I noticed there was a identity.ini file that either got updated or is brand new and got placed in the Revit 2014 folder.


Second, the hotfix is found in the programs and features, which I’ve never seen before and I have to say the naming is horrible.  Call it Autodesk Revit 2014 Hotfix blah blah blah so it at least can be found with all the other Revit programs.  Don’t try and uninstalling it either, you can’t.


Third, I wondered if this got updated anywhere.  Only place I know about updates and service packs is in the help menu (“?” at the upper right) then select About – and no, us Canadians don’t pronounce it a-boot.  I was expecting something to be found under the Update Release but there wasn’t.  I scrolled through all the legal mumble jumble and they did put an update in.  Right at the very bottom.  It’s nice to see this is getting included somewhere to know what update/hotfix has been installed.  Very, very subtle mind you.


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A few years ago I wrote about wanting an easy way to add a revision to multiple sheets.  It took until Revit 2014 to finally expose the right information in the API for this to happen.

A couple of days ago Luke Johnson tweeted about an addin by Xrev that did what I wanted.  The addin is free and you can check it out directly at Xrev.

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