Autodesk Revit 2015

March 28, 2014

I wake up in the morning and turn the alarm off.  I get out of bed and head downstairs.  I go into the kitchen and grab a bowl of cereal.  I head into the living room and watch the news.  That is my routine - everyday.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The past couple days, Autodesk have been releasing their latest offerings and yesterday, Revit 2015 was released.  Every year it’s a blogger frenzy, who can be first, who has the most content, who has the best content.  I never bother trying to compete since David Light does a bang up job, year after year and like my everyday routine, you could count on David for a wonderful review.

This year the “Dark” side took over.  David didn’t produce his usual review of Revit and yes I felt the world stop spinning for a split second and so did many other Revit users.  He tweeted that is was due to “lack of time & the need to spend it with family.”  You have to respect family coming first.

There have been plenty of Bloggers giving their list of Revit 2015 features.  Here is a brief list:

Revit OpEd - New Feature List for Revit 2015

Paradigm Shift - What’s New in Revit 2015

What Revit Wants – My Top 4 Revit 2015 Features, plus lots of links to other posts

Do U Revit? - Revit 2015 Dave gave up and just linked to Steve’s post.



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Unselectable Viewport

February 10, 2014

I had a strange issue this morning, tried to select a viewport so it can be moved on a sheet and couldn’t.  There was no view title, just the view.  Sitting there.  Taunting me.

Fortunately it was a quick fix thanks to Revit Clinic coming across this behavior before.

To correct the issue, I had to toggle the Reveal Hidden Elements and unhide the element in view.  Why on Earth you’d want to hide a viewport is beyond me.  If you don’t want a view title, just set the type to none.

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For projects that were started prior to 2014 and upgraded to 2014, there will be a need to update the steel beam content.  There are new Geometric Position parameters in 2014 that make some previous parameters obsolete.  I don’t know the ramifications if they remain – structural knowledge is out of my pay scale ;)

Autodesk has a step by step procedure to help ease the pain.

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2014 is Now Here

January 2, 2014

2013 has come and gone and it’s that time of year to set those New Year’s resolution that sound like a really good idea at the start of the year, but usually end up being abandoned.

A few days ago I tweeted my 2014 new year’s resolution, but with 140 characters you can’t go into to much detail.

1. Make Stuff

This was really directed to my photography. I need to grab my camera and shoot more. A LOT more. When I think I’ve done enough, shoot some more. I also want to dabble into databases, programming and robotics.

2. Read More

…and not just the instructions – you know what I’m talking about guys. If it’s not related to my career or help me with my first resolution (I know nothing about databases and programming), its going to be one of the classics. I have thirty of them (I had to stop myself, it was getting out of hand) on my iPad ranging from Anna Karenina to Little Women to Dracula. I’m not saying I’m going to read every one of them by the time 2015 rolls around, but they are there for backup.

3. Stay Active

Pants and shirts got a little snug in 2014 and it’s not because of my bulging muscles either. Office gym should be back and operational in the New Year. I have the floods to thank for the unexpected gym expansion.

4. Don’t Die

Self-explanatory – I’ve got too much to do.

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To quote the help file,

“If multiple elements (such as walls and/or lines) are joined in a continuous chain, you can select the entire chain. The chain can include different types of elements.”

In order to accomplish this you need to highlight the element and then press tab to select the entire chain.

This functionality also works on repeating details.

Where this breaks down is when you try to do this with line based families.  It just doesn’t work, although it seems like expected behaviour.  I filed a suggestion for future product improvement to Autodesk and they responded with, you can do this.  A few emails and videos back and forth ended up with Autodesk confirming what my near broken tab already knew.  They did say that it should absolutely work so let’s hope to see if this will get fixed.

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